Pricing Guide

wpe1.jpg (758 bytes) Delivery Charges
Tickets can be self collected at our office premises during office hours. For delivery of tickets, there will be a nominal charge of S$20 for delivery island wide.
wpe1.jpg (758 bytes) Deposits
Making a flight reservation is free and we normally do not require any deposits payment to be made at the time of making a flight reservation.  You may make amendments, add names, delete names, or simply cancel your flight reservation without any charges incurred. Just call us and let us know.

However, there are exceptions whereby due to cancellation penalties imposed by the airlines, we will require you to make deposits or full payments of tickets at the point of booking or before the tickets are issued. We will inform you of this requirement as and when the airline that you are booking on imposed penalties that require such conditions to be met.

wpe1.jpg (758 bytes) Cancellation or Refund of tickets
While making a flight reservation is free, once you instruct us to issue tickets; cancellation of the tickets thereafter will attract cancellation or refund charges.  As charges will vary depending on the airlines and the respective offer's terms and conditions, please check with us.
wpe1.jpg (758 bytes) Applications of Entry Visa
We offer free complimentary service for application of Australian Visa when it can be done electronically over our computer system and this is applicable for Singaporeans and some approved
nationals. For applications of other type of visa or at other embassies that require us to travel to
embassies' premises to apply on your behalf, a small charge is levied. As charges will vary depending on the embassies, please check with us.
wpe1.jpg (758 bytes) No Show Fees
Some airlines imposed penalties if you missed your flight.  As the terms and conditions varies among respective airlines, please check with us on the charges. Typical no show fee charges will be S$150 and above. This fee is imposed by airlines for seat wastage.

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