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When Booking is confirmed:

  • Travel Plans - definite and no further changes
    • If every sector in your flight reservation is confirmed and you are definite on your travel plans, please issue your tickets early to avoid possibility of auto-cancellation of your flight reservation by the airlines due to missed ticketing deadlines.  This is especially important during peak seasons, where there is long waiting list for the flights that you are confirmed on.
    • Auto-Cancellation due to missed ticketing deadlines can occur if we are unable to contact you when the ticketing deadline given by the airline approaches and is subsequently lapsed.
    • Please give us 2 days advance notice to issue tickets and to arrange for self-collection or delivery. This advance notice is necessary as some promotional offers may require tickets to be issued at the airline office and that take a longer turnaround time especially during peak seasons.
  • Travel Plans - not definite and subject to further changes
    • If your flight reservation is confirmed, but you are still not definite on your travel plans and may make some changes before your departure date, please contact us at least 5 days before your departure date to issue your ticket.
    • Please check with our staff for your ticketing deadline at the point of booking. If a ticketing deadline is advised to you, please observe it strictly to avoid auto-cancellation.

When Booking is on waitlist on some sectors:

  • If your flight reservation has some sectors on waitlist, we will do our best to find seats
    or suggest alternatives dates, flight schedules, or other airlines for you.
  • In the meanwhile, to check on your flight status:
  • If your flight departure date is a few weeks away, please check with us once every few days.
  • If your flight departure date is a few days away, please check with us once every day.
  • If your flight departure date is the next day, please check with us every other hour.
  • Once we are given confirmation of your seat by the airline, we will contact you.

Other services - If you require us to apply entry visas for you, please let us know.

Any other services:

  • Please contact us at 6283 7088 (Hougang Office) or 6286 9009 (Yishun Central Office) if you require any further assistance.
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