Restrictions & Policies

Booking Restrictions:

  • As per Dream Cruises rules, infants travelling on cruise ships must be at least 6 months old on the first day of the cruise.
  • As per Dream Cruises rules, bookings shall not be accepted for pregnant passengers who are in or will be in their 24th week of pregnancy at the beginning of or during the voyage. Passengers who are less than 24 weeks pregnant at the beginning of or during the voyage must have a health certificate issued by a doctor for permission to board the ship and must carry the certificate with them.
  • Due to Government restrictions, cruise bookings are ONLY available to Singapore residents*.
    • * Citizens, permanent residents, long term pass holders (S pass, work permit, student's pass, dependant's pass, long term visit pass and employment pass holders).
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, or you are detected to have fever or other respiratory symptoms, you and your travel companions will be denied boarding.
  • All guests are required undergo the mandatory COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at the cruise terminal. This test is carried out by Genting Cruise Lines' appointed medical team registered under the Singapore Ministry of Health.
    • Any other COVID-19 tests that are not taken at the cruise terminal on the day of departure will not be recognised.
  • As per Dream Cruises rules, passengers under the age of 18 on the day of travel on the cruise ship shall be classified as minors. Minors must be accompanied by at least one passenger in the same cabin who is 18 years of age or older to act as their guardian, otherwise the cruise ship shall reserve the right to prohibit the minor from boarding.
  • If guests have any dietary needs or requests (such as allergies, gluten free food, vegetarian, kosher, Jain, or Indian vegetarian), guests can contact us to inform us of their needs. Additional costs may apply.
  • As per Dream Cruises rules, passengers under 2 years old on the first day of the cruise shall be classified as infants.

Booking Process and Regulations:

  • Infants, children, teenagers and pregnant woman shall meet the booking requirements in the terms of the "Booking Restrictions" prior to boarding.
  • Different transportation service providers have varied requirements on accepted maximum gestational age of pregnant women and minimum age of infants. Please consult our staff for more details.
  • Depending on the passenger's health condition, transportation service providers may require proof of medical fitness to travel and reserve the right to deny passenger access to their transportation service.
  • Group tours booked with Planet Travel must be paid in full in Singapore Dollars
  • The cruise operator stipulates that each passenger, including children and infants, must occupy a bed. Please base your booking on the actual number of persons who are travelling and ensure that beds are booked for all guests.
  • Applications for discounts and supporting documents must be submitted to Planet Travel at the time of booking.
  • The passenger must provide his/her name as shown in the travel document and explicitly confirm the name and travel document information of any participant listed on the receipt. Planet Travel shall not be held accountable for any additional costs or obligations incurred due to incorrect names.
  • Please keep the receipt as proof should a refund be necessary. If payment is made through a GrabPay or PayPal, the refund process will take at least three weeks. The refund time and any terms and conditions are determined by the payment gateway.
  • Planet Travel reserves all final rights of interpretation.
  • Prices are subject to changes due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations and rises in fuel prices, transportation fares, hotel costs and insurance prices. Planet Travel reserves the right to adjust the prices prior to passenger departure. Any price changes will be announced in a separate notice. Fuel surcharges will be determined by the airline. All payments must be made in full prior to departure.
  • Rooms below suite level have limited space. Please note that it will be relatively crowded with four adults staying in one room.
  • Passengers boarding from ports other than Singapore shall pay for their international flight tickets, all domestic flight tickets and applicable transportation fares in specific itineraries.
  • Payment by GrabPay or PayPal will be acknowledged only after the bank confirms the transaction.
  • Payment shall be made within the agreed-upon period (as determined based on the terms and conditions of different itineraries). Some itineraries may be subject to changes, depending on the operating conditions of different suppliers. If any payment is overdue, Planet Travel has the right to cancel the booking and any paid amount will not be refunded. The booking is not transferable to other passengers, other travel dates, or other group tours.

Changes and Refund:

  • If a guest is tested positive for COVID-19 at the terminal or prior to sailing, the guest will be entitled to a Cruise Credit for future sailings.
    • Guests that do not meet the stringent criteria will be denied check-in / boarding and a Cruise Credit voucher will be provided for future sailings.
    • Immediate family members and close contact travelling partners will be prohibited from check-in / boarding and subject to further evaluation by the onsite medical health officials. A Cruise Credit voucher will be provided for future sailings.
    • Note: Guest will be required to pay for the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for the future sailing, as he / she had used up the current COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) charges.
  • Flexibility to cancel up to 48 hours before sailing receive 100% future cruise credit valid through 30 September 2021.
  • Amendment fees are applicable to those amendment requests, which have been received not less than 5 calendar days prior to the departure date. Any amendment request received 4 calendar days or less prior to departure, 100% of full cabin fare as cancellation charges will be levied.
  • Change of all passengers in an original cabin will be treated as cancellation and prevailing rates of cabins will apply to new booking. Cancellation charges will be levied according to the Cancellation Policy.
  • Requests to cancel the booking or to change the room type, place of departure, date of departure, name or travel document information for personal reasons will all be deemed as a booking cancellation request.
  • In the event that any passenger becomes unfit to begin or continue the cruise, or is deemed to pose a threat to the health, safety, or wellbeing of onboard passengers, or to order and safety on the cruise, the captain, at any time and at his/her discretion, has the right to:
    1. Deny the passenger access to the cruise ship.
    2. Have the passenger disembark at any port.
    3. Prohibit the passenger from disembarking at any particular port.
    4. Confine the passenger to particular areas of the ship or deny the passenger access to particular onboard activities.
    • The captain's decision shall be the final decision and no paid amount shall be refunded.
    • Any amendment imposed by the cruise line to the passenger, the amendment fee will be waived.
  • The cruise captain has the right to alter the scope of navigation, rearrange the order of port stops, or omit one or more port stops under the following circumstances:
    1. Force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of the captain or the ship operator.
    2. For the sake of passenger safety and ship security.
    3. To provide anyone onboard with access to onshore medical or surgical treatment.
    4. Any other potential emergency, including fuel problems that may arise in unforeseen or emergency circumstances.
    • The captain's decision shall be the final decision. Planet Travel shall not be held liable for any changes and shall not indemnify passengers for such changes.
  • Unless otherwise stated, "force majeure" refers to an event or circumstance that Planet Travel has no control over or is unable to avoid or overcome after it occurs. Force majeure includes but is not limited to war, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, unrest, terrorism, violence, military coups, insurrection, civil war, civil disorder, riots, strikes, plagues, and natural disasters such as torrential rain, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, or volcanic activity. In the event of force majeure or compromised security resulting in service suspension, route suspension, or other incidents that result in itinerary changes or partial/full cancellations, Planet Travel will return to the passenger the payment made by the passenger minus the losses incurred by the above incident.
  • If the passenger does not participate in or leaves midway any group activity (e.g., meals or sightseeing), it will be deemed as an automatic waiver and the paid amount will not be refunded.

Liability Policy:

  • If the passenger applies for a visa or other travel document by himself/herself and the travel is affected due to the travel document, the passenger shall assume the corresponding losses.
  • Even if the passenger holds a valid entry visa and travel documents but is denied access by the customs office on duty, Planet Travel and its commissioned partners shall not be held accountable in any way. All additional accommodation, food and transportation shall be paid for by the passenger and no compensation will be provided for the remaining itinerary. Refunds and date changes are not permitted in such cases.
  • If the passenger transfers his/her ticket to another person on his/her own, employees from Planet Travel and its commissioned partners have the right to invalidate the use of this ticket and no payment will be refunded, unless such transfer is explicitly approved and arranged by Planet Travel. Such person shall be responsible for his/her insurance, liability compensation, and consequences of actions during the travel period.
  • The execution, effect, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of this Agreement are governed by the laws of Singapore and shall be interpreted according to the laws of Singapore. Both parties shall also be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
  • If the passenger waives the itinerary before it is completed, the passenger shall be responsible for himself/herself after such waiver. Any consequences thereupon have no relation to Planet Travel or its commissioned partners.
  • Accommodations, meals, and sightseeing tours will be arranged according to the itinerary. In the event of special circumstances such as denial of visa, no hotel occupancy, change of flight date or location, or any other circumstances beyond the control of Planet Travel or its commissioned partners that result in the addition or deletion of tour activities, ad hoc changes to transportation, flight time, aircraft model, or hotel, Planet Travel and its commissioned partners shall not be held liable for such changes in any way. Planet Travel and its commissioned partners will try their utmost to handle the situation and the passenger should not object without valid reason; no refunds shall be given for any cancelled programs or activities. Planet Travel and its commissioned partners shall not be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of delays. If the passenger waives the remaining itinerary in the middle of the trip, the passenger shall be responsible for its waiver of the trip. Any consequences thereupon have nothing to do with Planet Travel or its commissioned partner.
  • In the event of force majeure or compromised security resulting in service suspension, route suspension or change, or other incidents that result in itinerary changes or partial/full cancellations, Planet Travel will return to the passenger the payment made by the passenger minus the losses incurred by the aforementioned incident.
  • With the exception of passenger injury or death caused by negligence of Planet Travel employees or agencies under their direct control or management, Planet Travel shall not be responsible for any injury, death, economic loss, effect on recreational activities, or emotional distress.
  • With the exception of services directly provided by Planet Travel, in the event of any transportation delay, lost luggage, accidental injury or death, and loss during services like transportation (e.g., flight, bus, ship, train or tour bus), accommodation, meals or entertainment and sightseeing programmes provided by other independent agencies and arranged by Planet Travel and its employees or subsidiaries or companies with business relations with Planet Travel, the passenger shall directly negotiate with and claim damages from the organization that owns, manages, or operates the service in accordance with local laws. Such organizations normally have different established regulations on responsibility towards guests. In such cases, Planet Travel shall not be held accountable for such loss, injury, death, or damages.

Travel Guideline:

  • Please arrive at the port terminal for boarding on the cruise ship and complete any relevant entry-exit immigration procedures according to the time(s) indicated on the cruise ship ticket. Boarding will not be possible once gates close. Passengers who miss boarding shall assume all responsibility.
  • All guests are strongly advised to follow their pre-set designated time for the COVID-19 test.
    • (as indicated under 'Your COVID-19 Test Time' on the Cruise Ticket) on the date of departure. Learn more.
  • As per the requirement of the Singapore authorities, all guests disembarking will be required to undergo a COVID-19 test at the cruise terminal with no additional cost to the guest. Guest are not required to wait at the terminal and may return home.
  • The Singapore Tourism Board announced on 8 October 2020 that safe cruises will start from 6 Nov 2020 onwards and subject to Safe Management Measures with no port of calls. Hence there is no need to do so.
    • Guests should monitor their health (i.e. for fever ≥ 38°C and respiratory symptoms such as cough or breathlessness) and seek prompt medical attention when necessary.
  • For face to face bill settlement, we accept GrabPay and PayPal
  • As stipulated by the rules of the cruise company, customers travelling by cruise ship must strictly abide by the Terms of Carriage of the cruise company. Customers are advised to read the Terms of Carriage carefully as booking the product shall be deemed as having understood and accepted the Terms of Carriage. In the event of a violation of the Terms, you shall assume sole responsibility.
  • All guests are required to wear face masks in public areas, except when dining and engaging in strenuous sports / physical activities as per the requirements of the local authorities.
  • MICE Pod is a token issued to guests aged 7 & above and guests' data will not be compromised as the token is used for the purpose of monitoring social distancing adherence and contact tracing which is required by the Ministry of Health . It will not have GPS, internet, or cellular connectivity.
    • If a guest MICE pod is missing, the guest will be required to pay SGD25 for the missing MICE pod.
  • Passengers must abide by the laws of each country. It is strictly forbidden to carry illegal items when entering or departing from a country, and any items and cash shall be declared.
  • Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing any alcohol, alcoholic drinks, intoxicating liquor, or beverages onboard the ship.
    • We will safeguard any alcoholic beverages brought on board until disembarkation. Alcohol brought onboard will be collected by security at the gangway and guests may collect their bottles at the gangway during disembarkation.
  • For your comfort, guests are advised to travel light. Each person is allowed to bring along up to two pieces of personal luggage onboard.
    • Luggage check-in will be available at the check-in counter. However, open bags, plastic bags and any fragile items in luggage are not encouraged to be checked in. All-important medicine or important documents must not be placed in checked in luggage, as it might take time for your luggage to be delivered to your stateroom.
  • According to the rules of the cruise company, so as to ensure the safety of passengers and the safe operation of the ship, customers are forbidden from carrying any item that may be reasonably misused to cause serious personal injury or interfere with the safe operation of the ship. The following items cannot be carried onboard:
    1. Kettles, irons, tumble dryers, and other heat-emitting devices.
    2. Bicycles, Segway scooters, surfboards, baseball bats, golf clubs, skateboards, and other transport/exercise equipment.
    3. Aerial photography and airborne equipment.
    4. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones.
    5. Illegal drugs or any other illegal products or materials.
    6. Knives, sharp objects or weapons, firearms and ammunition, hardware tools, any object which is flammable, explosive, or heat-emitting, corrosive chemicals, and any other dangerous objects.
    7. Corrosive chemicals or other dangerous objects, animal or plant products, cultural objects, books, or video or audio recordings which are forbidden from export or import.
  • According to customs regulations, there is a duty-free allowance if the total value of items obtained overseas for personal use and carried by inbound passengers is within a certain amount; however, some types of goods are not included within the duty-free scope. For further information, please visit the website of the customs authority.
  • Passengers shall comply with requirements of the instructions provided for cruise ship travel products and safety warnings provided for tourism activities, actively participate in and complete marine emergency drills, and cooperate with safety precautions and emergency measures implemented by relevant departments, organizations, the cruise ship company or travel agencies. For activities organized by passengers themselves, the guidelines and arrangements of the service personnel shall be followed. In addition, passengers shall take into account their age, physical fitness level, health status, prevailing weather conditions and the activity itself to determine whether they should participate. Passengers shall assume any liability arising from the activities. If a passenger considers it necessary, he or she should seek advice from a doctor or professional.
  • To provide a safe environment for guests, pools must implement Safe Management Measures (SMMs), as required by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), in accordance with the COVID-19 regulations. Pools can only admit a maximum number of guests according to the pools gross floor area. A minimum of 10 sqm is required per guest.
    • Remember to supervise your child at all times when using the pool as children aged 12 years and under must be escorted by an adult at all times. Therefore, parents / guardians are required to book a slot nor only for their child but for themselves as well.
  • Some countries require visitors to have fingerprints and photos taken upon arrival at airports, and port terminals. Immigration officers may inquire about information including the purpose of visit, travel itinerary, length of stay, and travel companions.